There are many reasons to become an American citizen, such as the right to vote. As a voting member of our country, you can make a difference in the special interest groups of the political arena. Another strong consideration to becoming a citizen of the U.S. is that you may not be deported. There are also tax and other financial benefits in becoming a citizen especially after recent laws that drastically reduce or deny federal funding and other benefits to permanent residents as SSI, Medicare, FEMA funds and other financial necessities.
As a citizen, you may petition for other members of your family to live here with you. Or you can live with them in your native land without losing any benefits in the U.S. As a permanent resident, you must live in the U.S. or you may lose your green card status.
In order to become a US citizen, you must be eligible. Our office is experienced in helping you to evaluate if you are eligible. We can prepare and file the application for you and provide you with the questions and answers to the test of American history and government you need to pass.
There are some instances where you may already be an American citizen through your parents or grandparents. We can analyze your particular case and file the appropriate documents to assist you to acquire citizenship.